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  • grain storage system in your hands
  • Store Loader
  • Ventilation Fan
  • warehouse with ventilation grid
  • Grain Chiller
  • Ventilation Grid
Why CGRAIN Technology?
  • We help you preserve the quality of rice, maize and grain
  • Increase the efficiency in conservation and processing systems
  • Solve deteriorated and discolored grain
  • Prevent loss of grain weight, molds and insects
  • Save the costs of sack filling and grain reversion in warehouse storage
Best sellers

Ventilation Fan

Many customers are using the fans in the beginning of post-harvesting season to sustain the grain at the best quality. The ventilation fans can also provide the rice millers some time to handle with the drying process in limited time. With adequate aeration flow during the storing time, the respiration rate would reduce and grain color would remain the same.

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