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About the Team

CGRAIN Technology was found on the determination of Mr.Trakool Chantasarn to increase the standard of ‘rice’ storing and conservation systems in Thailand. As there is a growing demand of premium-quality rice, he understands that Thai rice processing technology needs a big revolution and high temperature is one of the major factor that affects the paddy degradation.

In 2005, Mr.Trakool initially introduced grain conservation technology using grain chiller to Thai rice millers group in the North Eastern part of Thailand. With his continuous persistence, many customers started to realize the importance of cooling systems for long-term storage. Since then several rice millers and exporters has begun to trust Cgrain Technology to help them to achieve a profitable, efficient and effective silo/warehouse storing design and system.

Through many years of experiences, we correspondingly modified our systems to customers in premium seed processing as well. With the helps from the customers together with our hands-on experiences, we can proudly say that we are professional solution provider for grain processing and post-harvesting technology. However, we will never stop improving and developing to find the better grain conservation systems to cope with the inconsistent weather condition and economy in today’s world.

Why CGRAIN Technology?
  • We are specialised in grain conservation technology and system. With our expertise, you can ensure that your grain can stay for a longer time in the best quailty.
  • We also offer you a free consultation session to guide you to a profitable, efficient and effective silo/warehouse planning and design for the best result in grain storing and conservation.

We understand that each rice/grain millers have different preferences for grain chillers, ventilation ducts, and ventilation fans. As a result, at CGRAIN Technology you can find all the products you need for grain conservation at different models and sizes.

Mr.Trakool Chantasarn

(Managing Director)


With the experiences I’ve gained in electrical and mechanical engineering, and controlling systems, I’m able to support you with the most practical and professional way of grain and seed processing and storing systems. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at