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Store Loader

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Store loaders are an excellent solution to reach the maximum storage of grain and other products with ease.



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Unique features

  • You can select your preferred storage method - from manual to fully automatic terraced storage.
  • Whether you choose a wired or wireless remote control, Start-Control will give you full control of the full storage line.
  • The pole can be moved out of the way easily when the machine is in operating position.
  • The 70 cm store loaders have an accurately designed compact counterweight. It makes the store loaders highly stable, gives them a huge overhang and enables them to handle substantial peak loads.

Safety and ease with start control Safety and ease

That's what the start control is all about. It is a smart link between the control boxes of all machines in the storage line. An example: the remote control of the store loader allows you to start the entire storage line. The store loader or box filler will start first, followed by the conveyor and the hopper. Every Miedema storage machine has been fitted with start-control. As soon as the hopper is empty, all machines in the storage line will stop simultaneously. The same will happen when the red sop button on the remote control is pressed. The reason for this smart control is that it keeps the filling of all conveyors optimal. The reason: maximum conveyor filling is minimum product damage.

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